Understanding BioMineral Tea

This page was designed to give you a basic understanding of why Bio-Mineral Tea is so necessary and beneficial to the entire human body from a biochemical standpoint. To properly take care of the human body we must first ask what is the human body made up of? What is it’s actual chemistry?

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Human Bio-Chemistry 101

The human body belongs to the branch of chemistry called organic chemistry. The human body is “organic” which means it is a living carbon-based organism that carries out cellular life processes. For something to be alive, it has to be electrical. Since the human body is organic and carbon-based, you should only ingest the organic carbon-based herbs the human body was designed to ingest. Anything that is not carbon-based or synthesized in a laboratory is inorganic or synthetic and cannot be safely consumed without causing side effects, cellular destruction and mutation. Only herbs (fruit and vegetable bearing trees) and animals share our chemical makeup and are safe for human consumption. For example, if you buy a car and the engine was designed to run on gasoline are you going to put diesel in it? No right, because if you put diesel in an engine built for gas, you are going to damage the engine correct? Same thing goes for the human body it was designed to intake only organic carbon-based substances from nature that assimilate with our organic chemical composition. Therefore, if the human body is organic and carbon-based and cannot intake inorganic substances or synthetic substances, created in a laboratory thru synthesis why are most people eating refined sugars, artificial sugars, synthetic and refined table salts, synthetic prescription pills, genetically modified GMO foods, high fructose corn syrup, endless food preservatives and color dyes? The reason people eat all these inorganic synthetic foods in today’s marketplace is that they don’t understand the actual difference between organic and inorganic and they also were not taught the real chemistry of the human body. Simply read the ingredients of the foods and beverages in today’s mainstream marketplaces, and you will read a list of synthetic ingredients and preservatives which most people cannot even pronounce.

Have you ever seen an overweight person drinking diet soda? They drink the diet soda because they believe it’s less fattening and a better health choice because of deceptive marketing. But, since the diet soda contains a synthetic form of sugar created in a lab the human body does not recognize the substance it ingested, and it treats the inorganic artificial sugar as a foreign invader, so it sends water throughout the body to protect the vital organs which cause swelling and edema (water retention). The diet soda is harder to digest because it must be processed by the liver and the kidneys for a longer period than an organic substance that works with the bodies chemistry, not against the bodies chemistry. The long time it takes to process this soda means most of it is going to turn into fat in your system therefore not only does diet soda cause swelling it is also more fattening, but it will also literally expand you into a balloon. People also wish to avoid calories because they don’t even know what a calorie is. A calorie is a measure of heat “energy.” Calories are energy, without calories you are going to be quite tired. What people have failed to realize is that natural calories are good for you and can be used by the body for energy and be discarded quickly. Inorganic calories are a whole other story because synthetic or empty calories need to be double processed by the human system, they are extremely fattening and even bad for your health. Most sodas and energy drinks in today’s market are synthetic which means they contain no natural carbon-based organic chemistry from natural sources; you are drinking a dangerous synthetic science experiment that is harmful to the biological cells of the human body. Energy drinks are especially dangerous because they do not contain a naturally occurring form of caffeine like coffee and black tea, they contain laboratory synthesized synthetic caffeine which is inorganic therefore not safe for human consumption, it is a poison.

Human Biochemistry also teaches that the human body is made up of minerals. However, since the human body is organic and carbon-based, it is made up of carbon-based organic living minerals known as Bio-Minerals. The difference between an organic bio-mineral and an inorganic mineral is that the organic bio-mineral is electrical and alive containing ions and the inorganic mineral is not electrical does not contain ions and cannot enter cells because the cells reject anything that is not carbon-based. Ions are electrically charged particles of light that contain the positive and negative charges required for proper cellular function, respiration, and replication, and they emit different color lights known as biophotons. The human body is a bio-mineral machine and operates like a battery it must have a balance of positive and negative electrical charges to sustain proper health at the cellular level. Have you ever seen a person shocked back to life with a defibrillator? This is proof the human body is electric and electricity is literally the spark of life. The electric charge within the defibrillator shocks the system to recharge the cells of the human heart and literally jump starts the brain back to function. Therefore, the essential fuel source for the human body is electricity via Bio-minerals containing ions (organic electricity). Since Bio-Minerals are a natural form of electricity, they emit a visible light known as Biophotons. Bio-photons appear as different colors of light in Bio-Mineral tea, and the various colors of light represent different types of minerals which contain different frequency ranges of energy required by the various vital organs.

BioMineral Tea contains an exclusive herbal blend that has all the essential bio-minerals represented by all the colors within the visible light spectrum which represents the varying colors of a rainbow. The bio-minerals are extracted from the mineral-rich leaves of the herbs into the water via an herbal infusion, what is commonly referred to as making tea. Now that the bio-minerals are in liquid form they can quickly enter the bloodstream and travel throughout the body where the organs grab the bio-minerals they need for their proper maintenance function and structure. Since the bio-minerals within BioMineral Tea are organic and in liquid form, they can easily be absorbed by cells instantly feeding them and providing proper electric balance. For example, the cells of the pancreas are made up of chromium, magnesium, and manganese this is the biochemistry of a pancreas. To keep a pancreas working properly, you must give it it’s essential fuel source which is herbal bio-mineral forms of chromium, magnesium, and manganese. Once the pancreas has, it’s required fuel of bio-minerals, and it’s properly charged it can carry out its function which is to produce the hormones insulin and glucagon to stabilize blood sugar throughout the body. Without bio-minerals, nothing in the human body works, and it begins to break down or become “dis-eased.” Bio-minerals are the precursor required for all other nutrients and vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and essential fatty acids cannot carry out their functions without bio-minerals.

*The actual cells of the various vital organs are made of BioMinerals and need to be maintained by them on a daily basis for proper electric balance so the body can reach homeostasis!


Without the presence of electricity, the human body would have no movement or life. The human body is made up of a sub-structure called cells. At the cellular level cells function of off positive and negative electrical charges like an organic battery. Cells have a measurable electric charge of -40 to -80mv(millivolts). Biominerals contain a natural electrical substance called ions. The biomineral responsible for the negative charge within the cell membrane is chloride. The biomineral chloride is an anion which is a biomineral that carries a negative ionic charge. The biomineral which is responsible for the positive charge around the cell membrane is potassium. The biomineral potassium moves positive ions known as cations. The positive and negative electrical charges within cells create an electric charge needed to produce movement, energy, structure, and life in the human body. Cells transmit electrical signals via neurons and muscle cells. The bio-minerals sodium and potassium are responsible for pumping ions into cells to inject fresh new electricity to maintain cellular equilibrium. When the balance of positive and negative electrical charges within a cell is not proper the cell depolarizes and causes what’s called programmable cell death. Programmable cell death is when a cell mutates or dies because it does not have electricity to stay alive because it is deficient in biominerals containing positive and negative electrically charged ions.  It is therefore vital to ingest the biominerals that feed your cells the positive and negative electrical charges to maintain the proper function, structure, and energy of the human body.

Each different color biomineral represents a different frequency within the visible electromagnetic light spectrum which ranges from 4×10 to the 14th power to 8×10 to the 14th power measured in Hz(hertz) and wavelengths 3.8×10 to the -7th power to 7.5×10 to the -7th power measured in m(meters) or 380nm to 750nm(nanometers) from red to violet, see figure 30. Each different frequency of light contains an electric charge which ranges from 1-3eV (electron volts) or 1000-3000mV(millivolts). Therefore, the various colors of biominerals include electric charges ranging from 1-3eV to feed cells the vital organic electricity and keep the proper balance in the body. Biominerals provide the organic electricity required by all cells and vital organs on-a-daily basis.

Ionization, Iontophoresis and Mineral Uptake

Now let’s dive deeper and uncover the mystery why herbs contain bio-mineral electricity!

Ionization or mineral uptake also known as iontophoresis is the process by which an herb converts a metallic mineral particle in the soil into a liquid digestible state. The mineral in the ground is transformed into the herbs root system into a fluid state, and it sends the liquid thru the stems and out to the leaves of the herb where it becomes electrically charged by the suns solar rays. The mineral which once was inorganic and a metal particle is now liquid, digestible and electrically charged with ions and ready for safe human consumption because it is now organic and carbon-based. The mineral went from inorganic (dead) to organic (living) with an electric charge (electricity=life). Not only do herbs convert carbon dioxide into oxygen for us to breathe in the process of photosynthesis but they also turn minerals into the soil into a liquid digestible and electrical state to provide us the essential fuel source for the human body, Bio-Minerals (electricity).

Below is a chart of the process of Ionization aka Mineral Uptake or Iontophoresis.


Now let’s take a more in-depth look why Bio-minerals are essential for all your organs.

Heart- Everybody knows the human heart is made of cells, but what kind of cells? The heart is made of potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, phosphorus and chloride cells and it depends on these minerals for proper maintenance function and structure. Bio-potassium is the essential key bio-mineral to maintain a healthy and normal heartbeat. The heart is one of the most bio-electric organs in the human body but remember its minerals must come from an herb which has processed the minerals thru the ionization process for the human heart to absorb it and use it properly. Bio-potassium also regulates blood pressure along with Bio-Magnesium and Bio-Calcium. Bio-potassium and Bio-calcium are responsible for the contractions of the heart also known as a heartbeat. Bio-magnesium is essential for the transportation of bio-potassium and bio-calcium to the heart. Bio-phosphorus roles are so pervasive that your body needs it to survive and is a component of every cell in your body. Bio-phosphorus provides essential energy for the heart to beat and regulates blood bio-calcium for proper function. Bio-phosphorus also helps maintain proper PH balance for the heart while providing vital oxygen to the heart tissue. Bio-Sodium and Bio-Chloride outside the cells and bio-potassium a bio-phosphorus inside the cells work together to initiate nerve impulse conduction that causes muscle contraction, the actual heartbeat.

Kidneys– The kidneys are responsible for the continuous filtration of blood to maintain fluid electrolyte and organic solute balance in the body. Kidneys filter out toxins and shoot bio-minerals back into the bloodstream. The podocyte cells in the kidneys rely on both bio-calcium and bio-potassium to help control blood filtration. Bio-calcium and bio-potassium assist in determining the size of the kidney filters so your body can decide whether to constrict the filter and allow chemicals to pass into the urine. Kidney’s also signal the body to make enough red blood cells, and bio-iron is essential to the production of healthy red blood cells. Bio-iron is critical for keeping the cells of the kidney’s oxygenated. When it comes to your kidney’s, it is imperative to understand I am giving you the organic and bio-available forms of minerals which the cells absorb at the cellular level because they are carbon-based and in liquid form. Inorganic and laboratory synthesized synthetic minerals which come in powder form are bad for the kidney’s and clog them up, like synthetic iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium powders. Inorganic, synthetic vitamins and minerals cannot be absorbed by the human body’s cells.  Remember if it was created in a lab the mineral never underwent natures process of Ionization. Therefore, it is not organic and not electrical and not safe for human consumption period; it’s that simple! Bio-Sulfur helps to cleanse toxins and infections in the kidney’s while also helping the body get rid of excess fluid retention which helps the kidney’s to work more efficiently.

Liver- The liver’s primary job is to filter the blood coming from the digestive tract, before passing it to the rest of the body and cleaning the blood of harmful substances while removing bacteria from the bloodstream. The liver also processes hemoglobin for the use of its bio-iron content which the liver stores for future use. The liver also produces bile which helps carry away waste and break down fats in the small intestine. Bio-Copper is important for the liver to absorb and utilize bio-iron which it uses to fight infections and neutralize free radicals. Bio-zinc is essential to prevent oxidative damage to the liver and helps prevent chronic liver diseases. Bio-selenium helps protect liver tissue from harmful substances so that it can properly filter and protect the rest of the body. 

Brain– The brain regulates all physical and cognitive processes and requires constant infusions of bio-minerals from the blood to function at peak efficiency. When its bio-mineral nutritional needs are not being met the electric signals flashing between neurons slow down and cause limited attention span (ADD), trouble focusing (ADHD), confusion, trouble formulating thoughts, tiredness, a lack of coordination and many more diseases. Bio-calcium is an essential mineral the brain uses to build new brain cells and boosts neuron signaling for sharper and clearer thought process. Bio-iron, Bio-copper, and Bio-zinc are responsible for cell development and metabolism within the brain which stimulate neurons while protecting them from damage. Bio-mineral tea also contains a phytochemical form of acetylcholine which may help prevent degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Bio-potassium normalizes neurotransmitters and stress hormones while reducing brain inflammation. The brain is the master control of the body and needs proper bio-mineral intake so that all the signals it sends to the various organs and glands throughout the body to produce blood, hormones and to absorb and digest food are proper and accurate signals. The cerebral cortex contains Bio-Copper cells.

Thyroid– The function of the thyroid gland is to take Bio-Iodine and convert it to thyroid hormones which are released into the body where they control metabolism. To de-mystify what metabolism is, it is the rate of the conversion of oxygen and calories into energy. Bio-mineral tea will boost your metabolism which will provide weight loss and energy. Bio-selenium, Bio-Zinc, Bio-Copper must also be present to keep the thyroid balanced with Bio-iodine to produce its hormones successfully. Bio-Manganese is responsible for transporting thyroid hormones into your cells.

Lungs- The primary function of the lungs is to help oxygen from the air we breathe enter the red cells in the blood. Red blood cells then carry oxygen around the body to be used by cells in the vital organs. Bio-iron helps the lungs to maintain optimal health and helps the lungs produce higher levels of oxygen within blood cells. Bio-copper is essential in new blood cell formation. Bio-sulfur helps the cells of the lungs stay healthy by cleansing the organ free of harmful toxins and creating a protective barrier. Bio-potassium and bio-chloride are responsible for lung structure and elasticity.

Large and Small Intestine (digestion)- Nutrients are absorbed through the small intestine and waste is prepared for elimination in the large intestine. The small intestine is the primary site for enzyme activity. Many people are aware of probiotics for a healthy digestive system which is fine, but they are not, however, mindful of the fact that Bio-chloride and Bio-sodium are the essential minerals for food digestion because they produce the hydrochloric acid in the stomach which breaks down food. Without Bio-chloride and bio-sodium, there cannot be the creation of the digestive enzymes pepsin and rennin. Bio-chloride also activates bowel movements for waste elimination. Bio-chromium also aids in digestion because the faster the body can break down foods into fats, carbohydrates, and proteins into energy the faster a signal is sent for digestion which speeds up your metabolism and the faster harmful substances exit the body.

Bone- Bio-calcium is the most predominant mineral in bone and significantly contributes to its structure and strength. Bio-calcium intake provides the building blocks for bone growth. Bio-magnesium is needed for bone structure and strength and also protects bone density. Within bone, there is also the bio-minerals bio-potassium, bio-copper, bio-phosphorus, bio-zinc, bio-manganese, bio-boron, bio-vanadium, and bio-silica. Since the bone contains so many minerals when the body does not have adequate mineral intake it leeches it from the bones via an autoimmune response, this is why it is vital to maintaining a healthy intake of bio-mineral nutrition.

Muscles– Your body contains three major types of muscle. Skeletal muscle attaches to your skeleton and contracts to maintain posture while supporting the movement. Cardiac muscle makes up your heart and deals with heart beats. Smooth muscle lines your airways and digestive tract, blood vessels and other tissues and its contractions play a role in digestion, circulation and other physiological processes. Bio-Sodium and Bio-Potassium are essential to muscle contraction because of their importance in nerve function. Bio-Sodium and bio-potassium help nerve cells send electrical signals for your muscles to contract. A loss of either bio-sodium or bio-potassium will lead to muscle weakness and twitching. Bio-calcium and Bio-magnesium work together to retract and relax muscles after contraction. Bio-iron provides energy to muscles as well as oxygen providing the essential fuel for proper contraction and overall health and maintenance of the tissue.

Pancreas- The pancreas is responsible for the balance of blood/sugar levels. The pancreas is responsible for creating two hormones needed for blood sugar balance; these hormones are called Insulin and Glucagon. The pancreas requires the bio-minerals; bio-chromium, bio-magnesium, and bio-manganese to be able to produce Insulin and glucagon. If the pancreas does not have adequate amounts of bio-chromium, bio-magnesium and bio-manganese the pancreas cannot carry out its function of producing insulin and glucagon, period end of story. When the pancreas goes without its necessary bio-minerals for extended periods of time the organ atrophies and can no longer produce hormones on its own. The good news is the body can be brought back to life by electrifying it with high amounts of bio-minerals, and proper diet and its function can be restored.

Blood– Red blood cells also called erythrocytes, carry oxygen from your lungs to tissues throughout your body. Red blood cells live about four months, so your body must continually create new ones to replace the aged and dying cells. The bio-minerals; bio-iron and bio-phosphorus and bio-copper are essential for the production of healthy new blood cells. Bio-Iron makes up the active part of hemoglobin, and if you don’t intake enough bio-iron, you cannot produce new blood needed by the entire body. Lack of bio-iron means lack of oxygen to all the various tissues of the organs and this can cause various diseases. Bio-Iron deficiency may also lead to cancer because without the vital oxygen that bio-iron provides to cells, it can cause cellular mutation because all cells need oxygen for cellular respiration and proper replication. BioMineral tea also contains bio-iron chloride which is chlorophyll. Chlorophyll helps to clean the blood and purify it from viruses and bacteria. Bio-iron like regular inorganic iron has a magnetic charge. Bio-Iron attracts all other minerals and transports them throughout the body via the bloodstream and the organs pick and choose which minerals they need for repair and to carry out functions.

Eyes- Bio-zinc and bio-selenium are powerful anti-oxidants which help maintain the cells within your eyes healthy which helps reverse macular degeneration. The macula which is part of the retina is made of zinc and requires bio-zinc to stay healthy and to function properly. Bio-zinc helps you absorb vitamin A which is essential to eye health while bio-selenium helps you absorb vitamin E which helps prevent various eye diseases.


Central and Peripheral Nervous systems (nerves)- Bio-magnesium is essential to the health of all your nerves. Low bio-magnesium levels cause personality changes, depression, agitation, anxiety and irritability. Stress depletes your bio-magnesium levels so it is very important to have adequate amount of bio-magnesium to counter balance this effect. Low bio-magnesium levels also cause irregular sleep patterns and can lead to insomnia because the body cannot rest under the agitation which rattled nerves can cause. Drugs (legal or illegal), alcohol, sodas, energy drinks and regular tea (black, green, white) deplete bio-magnesium and bio-iron levels with in the blood. Bio-calcium, bio-phosphorus and bio-potassium are responsible for proper nerve function and signaling which keeps all your nerves and muscles working properly by allowing the heart to beat, making the digestive system produce bowel movements, helping the endocrine glands to produce hormones and providing proper lung expansion for us to breathe. Many diseases like ADD, ADHD, depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, paranoia can be just reversed with adequate amounts of bio-magnesium because bio-magnesium controls the nervous system and all the diseases I mentioned are the result of a malfunctioning nervous system low in bio-magnesium, the nervous system is literally misfiring and sending improper signals to the brain. Bio-Magnesium and Bio-Phosphorus soothe the nerve endings and put the body and mind at ease.

Reproductive System (sex organs male and female)– Bio-Iron, Bio-zinc, Bio-selenium and Bio-Iodine are essential in the production of testosterone and estrogen the sex hormones responsible for sexual health and reproduction in males and females. Bio-zinc, Bio-Iron, and Bio-selenium keep the sex organs toned and functioning properly. Bio-zinc is responsible for semen production in males and to keep and maintain a healthy prostate gland. Bio-selenium keeps the ovaries of women healthy and working properly.

*To learn more about herbal nutrition and human and organic biochemistry, please read An Advanced Treatise on herbology by Dr. Edward Shook.

References: Dr.SHOOK, Edward. 1978, Beaumont NC., Trinity center press

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.