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What is Bio-Mineral Tea?

Bio-Mineral Tea is a premium organic herbal infusion beverage that is brewed 1-gallon at a time via an oversized 5 X 8-inch tea bag. Bio-Mineral Tea allows you to drink all essential bio-minerals, vitamins and amino acids needed by the human body on a daily basis in a delicious and refreshing tea that you can enjoy both hot and iced. Bio-Mineral Tea is a carefully formulated synergistic herbal blend that was designed to nourish and purify the entire human body while strengthening and supporting all vital organs.

Our premium organic herbal blend is made up of the best and safest nutritive herbs in the world. All herbs used are 100% organic, kosher and sourced from the best organic farms in the USA that use no pesticides and grow the herbs in the best minerally rich soils available. All herbs used are Alkaline PH herbs which are non-GMO and non-hybrid.

Bio-Mineral Tea contains a high concentration of Bio-Minerals which are minerals derived from herbs. These Bio-Minerals are organic and carbon based and can be used by the human body instantly at the cellular level. Bio-Minerals contain positive and negative electric-ionic charges which are needed by all cells in the human body for the proper maintenance, function, and structure of all vital organs, DNA protection, and all human body processes.

Why do we need BioMinerals?

The human body is electric and must maintain a proper electric charge to operate at optimum health conditions. Bio-minerals are an organic form of electricity and they contain particles of light called Bio-Photons. All the cells in your body need the positive and negative electric charges from BioMinerals to stay healthy and carry out functions. Vitamins, amino acids and enzymes cannot function with out Biominerals because it is the electric charge of Biominerals that sets everything into motion. Since our tea contains all the essential Bio-minerals in an active form, you will be replenishing your system with fresh bio-electricity quickly and effectively.

Identifying the Bio-Minerals through the various Bio-Photon light colors emitted

The different Bio-Mineral colors represent different frequencies of bio-electricity needed by the cells of all organs in the human body.

Blue=Calcium Phosphate


Purple (violet)= Sodium Chloride

*Digestion(large & small intestine)

Violet, Purple (light purple)= Iron Phosphate


Pink, Magenta= Potassium Phosphate


Red= Sodium Sulphate


Orange= Potassium Chloride


Orange-Yellow, light orange= Calcium Fluoride

*Stomach, Teeth

Yellow= Magnesium Phosphate


Yellow-Green, light green= Potassium Sulphate


Green= Sodium Phosphate


Blue-Green=Calcium Sulphate

*Reproductive systems


*Skin, Hair, Nails

White =All in one

*Pituitary Gland (Hormones)

Drink the light, You gotta feel it!

Take a look at the beautiful Bio-Photons within Bio-Mineral Tea. I am proud to be the first person to discover the physical evidence of Bio-Minerals the essential fuel source of the human body. Here are actual photos of what Bio-Minerals look like in their purest form.

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Sirach 38:4

Yah makes the earth yield healing herbs which the prudent man should not neglect.

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